Paintings and Illustrations of the beauty of Nature. A lovely, unique shop with beautiful paintings by Emília Varsányi artist. Animal paintings,Flower paintings,portraits, landscapes, oils, water colours, prints, handmade postcards and much more.

Welcome to my Shop. Fáilte roimh Chách!I’m Emília, a full-time professional Artist. I’m graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest 2001. I am a painter and illustrator living in Dingle. My colour and soul studies at the Asiact Academy inspired me to start to paint with oil. I find my inspiration in nature , colours, trees, flowers, animals, the ocean and in everything where I find the essence, the beauty, the power and magic. In the nature everything is in the right place, there are no illusions. That’s why I love to paint plein air, being connected with the elements. I feel very passionate about my art and I’m happy to share these good feelings with my paintings.I have published a children books Mesés Mesék 2016-2017 Hungary. The Fabulous tales are writen in Hungarien but on the illustrations you can recognize the landscape of the beautiful Dingle Peninsula. I exhibited my works in Ireland,Hungary, Italy, Poland…etc. My drawings and paintings can now be found in private collections throughout Ireland,Hungary, Italy, Canada, USA…etc. Find me on Facebook as Emíli’Art painter of the Rainbow lights.More thouhgts of my Art Work:I'm not just a painter of flowers, I find my inspiration in nature , colours, trees, flowers, animals, the ocean and in everything where I find the essence,the beauty, the power and magic. Sometimes simple, ordinary, everyday objects can convey beauty, such as a bottle of colorful ribbons or a tea cup...The bottle of colorfull ribbons picture got the title from the Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall. I've learnt a lot about the colors and much more from her, so that's a honour for her. 

“Of all God’s gifts to the sighted man, color is holiest, the most divine, the most solemn.” – John Ruskin  
The Flower seria
I started to paint these beautiful flowers at 2009. Everywhere where I walked and saw a new color composition I made a photodokument first. So I used my own photos for painting. I painted them plein air, in my garden studio, surrounded by flowers, in Hungary. I love the flowers, these wonderfull creations of God are the most selfless in the world. The plants of humility are the flowers and herbs, because they heal and give beauty for every people and animal without distinction. All my respect is theirs. That's why I love them.The titles comes from my Aura-Soma colour and soul studies. For example Kuthumi and St.Germain were / are Ascended masters... Kuthumi known as St.Francis too. He was also close to nature. St. Germain the great alchemist was familiar with herbs... Chamael the Angel of unconditional love, shows how to love yourself the way you are...The purple violet Iris is the colour of transition. Everything always changes. The red Iris is full with energie and power...Sunset-Sunrise ...the day starts and ends with these colors. Have you ever think about why we wonder so the Sunset ?The message of the colors are also important me: " as we understand them we will understand the world." I've heard this in my dream. :) And yes, I dream in colors. :)
The Cups
I love the shape of classic cups, the elegant fine workmanship, I see the design and creation of another artist... Do you see the paralel between the Lotus cup and the tea cup?... The design often comes from the Nature...
 I have paintings inspired by Animals, Landscapes inspired by the Dingle Penninsula...and much much more.
My animal paintings
I admire the animals about their unconditional love, intelligence,beauty and strength. Especially cats and dolphins are close to me. I love them. I always wanted to live beside the sea, the ocean, because I have the Dolphin aspect, and I need the water to be more flexible and relaxed. The Dolphins teaches us how to serve helpselflessly. Fungie is a beautiful example for that. They have enormous emotional intelligence and they don't know the lie. The cats are also great teachers of yoga, zen, meditation, flexibility and calmness. They are wonderfull and powerfull creatures of God. They are great healers and make us happy with their cute face.They see the things clear. Among the kings and queens of the air the hummingbird and the butterfly are close to me. I love it's lightness, cheerfulness, beauty and playfulness.In summary, I see the world as the Druids, I see God in every created beings, in the landscape, in the sun, sister moon...When I decided to move to Ireland, I started to paint the Ocean in Ireland...a new period of my life and my art has began...The Ocean is Where I belong.
 "The sea has no home. Everyone who hears, everywhere where the sun rises and dies." free translation from Giovanni Verga 
“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” 
“The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.” 
Jacques Yves Cousteau
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