Birth Card


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Birth Card
Inspired by the beauty and power of Nature and Animals.
Watercolor and watercolor pencil on paper.
Handmade by Emíli'Art
The postcards are printed from the original painting.
"Firstly, let's address the origins of the iconic stork carrying a newborn baby bundle in its beak. There are a few potential reasons for this. One is the migratory return of the stork at springtime, a time of renewal and rebirth of the earth. Our ancestors observed the stork returning at a time of earth's resurgence, and established reasoning that the stork was also the bringer of new birth.
The meaning of the stork as a baby-bringer may also be associated to its affinity to water. Water is highly symbolic of feminine energy. It's also symbolic of renewal, rebirth and creation. In ancient earth-worshipping wisdom, ponds and lakes were a symbolic parallel to the womb. This is a large-scale illustration of birth. European folk tales attest to seeing a 'bird-man' emerging from the earth's womb to bring forth new life. A large bird, walking on two long legs - its beak full and coming forth from a symbolic, watery womb - the comparisons can be easily drawn."

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